The Waking Hours


"The waking hours of an artist spill over into the night, into the darker hours, when images flash and burn, when the mind escapes from the din of the world.

Small, sketchy and fast, these twenty-four tondos freeze the flitting, nighttime visions with minimal means: lampblack oil, pencil and scrapers on a scratched surface. No narrative, no sequencing, no sense of progressing from beginning to end. Just brief, fleeting visions before they are lost to sight."

Notebooks, July 5, 2023

"I assembled the frame of Oriented Strand Board with a finished tondo nestled inside. When varnished, the slivers begin to glow in various shades of brown. It is a frame with meaning. I look at the small round disk featuring an insect-bitten crown of laurel leaves. The tondo floats like an island of refuge in a sea of flotsam."                 

Notebooks. May 9, 2023

The Waking Hours # 3

The Waking Hours # 6