Lying Awake

June 2010 - April 2012

“These works evoke the territory of the imagination, when thought is submerged and rendered helpless. Finding myself surrounded by darkness and silence, the outside world peels away and vision originates from within. Logic and reason become scaffolding. It is soothing to draw on solid stone when capturing such a nebulous realm.”

Herlinde Spahr

Lying Awake. First Night

Lying Awake. Second Night

Lying Awake. Third Night

Lying Awake. Fourth Night

Lying Awake. Fifth Night

More info in Flurries 4

Lying Awake. Sixtth Night

Lying Awake. Seventh Night

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          Lying Awake, First Night

          Lying Awake, Seventh Night: LINK


A series of seven stone lithographs printed on Rives BFK  by the artist. Handcolored

Edition size: 20

Image size: 22" x 16.75"

Paper size: 24.50" x 19.50"

Framed Size: 28" x 22"

Lithographs available at the Annex Galleries.

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The complete series is included in the book entitled LYING AWAKE.

The entire series of seven stone lithographs in Lying Awake is in the collection of the Turner Print Museum at the California State University at Chico, as well as a preliminary sketch for "Lving Awake. First Night."

Many of the images have been shown in national and international competitions. The series premiered at the UCBerkeley Faculty Club Gallery.

Preliminary sketch for Lying Awake. First Night