After the Storm

No work of art is ever produced in the midst of a storm, we only have a recollection after the fact. But the experience is profound, the sheer force of nature obliterates the very instruments designed to understand and measure that force.

This series, entitled “After the Storm,” explores the resulting frailty and vulnerability in the aftermath of such an event.  Its recurring image is the shape of a damaged vessel in need of repair. It is a small boat, stranded, rudderless. The work is executed on five large panels of Formica, the surface of which I scar and damage by means of the lithographic levigator.  Just as the depiction of mist and fog will erase parts of the artist’s image, the effect of a storm leaves its mark on the artist’s work.

This is a series in progress. February 2017.

After the Storm. Panels # 1 and 2. (57” x 27”)

Lampblack oil, lithographic ink, lithographic pencil on Formica. Scars made by levigator.



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