Give Us Some Higher Mountains

May - October 2021

The title is from a poem written in reaction to a photograph of Mount Everest's summit crowded with dozens of climbers. Our highest mountain, sacred for so long, had become the most trafficked and polluted peak on earth.

  Give Us Some Higher Mountains 1

  Give Us Some Higher Mountains 2

     Give Us Some Higher Mountains 3

      Give Us Some Higher Mountains 5

This series of 5 panels was inspired by a an ink painting by Fan Kuan, a Chinese painter of the Song Dynasty. In his  Travelers among Mountains and Streams, he depicts a mountain rising above the human realm, sacred, other, and inaccessible. His mountain is devoid of bridges, trails,  and temples, breaking with Chinese landscape tradition. A band of mist separates the mountain from human activity.

Title: Give Us Some Higher Mountains

Dimensions: Five panels of 57" x 27" each

Medium: :graphite dust, litho ink, oil paint, pencil, levigator on Formica panel

Date: May 29 to October6, 2021