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For a brief summary of the history and technique of stone lithography: follow this link

ANNEX GALLERIES. Santa Rosa, Ca. Represents my work. Focus on 19th, 20th and 21st century prints. Regular themed exhibitions, an intense schedule of print fairs and a large inventory of lithographs. Subscribe to their "Print of the Day."

ACHENBACH GRAPHIC ARTS COUNCIL. An organization of print afficionados connected with the Achenbach Graphic Arts Foundation at the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, housing the largest collection of works on paper in the West. Their events range from lectures, seminars, and openings to visits of artist's studios and printing establishments.

CALIFORNIA SOCIETY OF PRINTMAKERS. A non-profit group of independent print artists with an international membership, based in the Bay Area. Its mission is to promote printmaking and to educate the public about the medium though exhibitions. The California Society of Printmakers Journal is available online in pdf. CSP celebrated its centennial in 2013.

KALA INSTITUTE. A large studio space housed in the old Heinz Ketchup factory in Berkeley teaching both traditional printmaking techniques and the new digital approaches to the medium. Lectures, exhibits, fellowships and a lively exchange between experienced artists and novices. Gallery space.

ALOIS SENEFELDER. A brief biography of the inventor of the lithographic method.

THE FINE ART LITHOGRAPH. A brief exposé by the Collectors Guide about the difference between the commercial lithograph simulating a painting and the fine art lithograph where the artist intimately celebrates the unique quality of the medium.

RICHARD PARKES BONINGTON. Nineteenth century English lithographer, a virtuoso on the stone.


Alois Senefelder, A Complete Course of Lithography. With an Introduction by A.Hyatt Mayor. New York. 1977 (First published in German in 1818)

Bolton Brown, Lithography for Artists. A Complete Account of how to draw, etch, and print from the stone, together with instructions for making crayon, transferring etc. Chicago 1930. This is the first textbook on lithography in the US aimed at artists, not at the industry. Very inspiring.

Grant Arnold. Creative Lithography. New York 1941

Garo Antreasian and Clinton Adams, The Tamarind Book of Lithography. Los Angeles 1971

Michael Knigin & Murray Zimiles, The Contemporary Lithographic Workshop around the World. NY 1974

Michel Melot, Antony Griffiths, Richard S. Field, André Beguin. Prints. History of an Art. Geneva 1981

Lithography. 220 Years of Art. History and Technique. Domenico Porzio. Gen. Ed. New York 1983

Clinton Adams. American Lithographers 1900-1960. The Artists and Their Printers. Albuquerque 1983

James Watrous, A Century of American Printmaking 1800 - 1980. Wisconsin 1984

Clinton Adams. Crayonstone. The Life and Work of Bolton Brown with a catalogue of his lithographs. Albuquerque 1993

Lynn Allen, Phyllis Mc Gibbon and Ruth Weisberg. The Best of Printmaking.: An International Collection. 1997. (Features my Cracktal Composition II, although printed in reverse.)

Paul Croft. Stone Lithography. New York 2001

David Acton. 60 Years of North American Printmaking (1947 - 2007) Boston Printmakers 2010 (Features my Desire with an essay.)


Youtube 1: about the making of a small lithograph showing the process and the stone.

Youtube2: a video collage compressing the sounds and process of makinga lithograph from hours and days into 4 minutes.