Flurries 9

Madagascar Jasper

"And then an object enters into your life unlike any other in the house. It comes from a distant land, from another aeon, an age when plants learned how to burst into bloom. How strange that this solid sphere of jasper found in Madagascar, can speak to me in my own tongue. It was explained to me how this globe was softened muck, some oozing gel made up of silica, erupting like pillow lava from hydrothermal vents. Then came the constant rain of metal oxides and hydroxides that left a thin line drawn on top of these swellings, a landscape of rounded lines that – one hundred million years ago – mimic and predate my drawings.

The sphere makes me feel quiet, folds my wings. It seems incredulous to see my work so perfectly solidified and rendered in polished jasper. As if Gabriel himself, from a distant universe, brought me this sphere."

(Thanks to John Grimsich for the geological expertise)