At the Precipice


These large-scale works are grisailles executed on panels of Formica. The technique borrows from printmaking techniques: drypoint, monotype, manière noire, levigator engraving, trace monotype – using lithographic ink, oil paint and graphite. But these images have not been printed. The scarring is made by the levigator, a tool traditionally used to grain the lithographic stone before it receives an image. The hard, ivory surface of the laminate, which is paper saturated with resin, resembles that of the lithographic stone, a surface that can be scored and scarred as well as caressed. 

The series consists of seven panels measuring 47” by 29”.

At the Precipice 1. Detail

At the Precipice 5. Detail

At the Precipice 6. Detail

   At the Precipice 7. Detail